feast of plenty

For 2 // $110


Herbed goats cheese and ricotta dip

Marinated olives with oregano, lemon and garlic

Charcuterie with cornichons - serrano ham, salami, pancetta

Chargrilled Asparagus with rocket, labne and dukkah

Roast Beef with mustard aioli

Ancient grain and herb tabhouli with sweet roasted tomatoes

Rustic Baguette

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crostini

Belgium Chocolate Brownie with poached summer fruits and thick cream

Sparkling Mineral Water

Feast of Plenty (for 2)

 Wilderness Road Picnic

For 2 // $65

Handmade chicken liver pate

Selection of Cheeses with mojos fig paste

Cheese biscuits

Sourdough loaf

Antipasto – with prosciutto, pancetta, marinated olives, asparagus, pinenuts, chargrilled vegetables

Chicken ballotine stuffed with tomato jam, spinach and rosemary

Mint, pea, rocket and feta salad with lemon vinaigrette

Mustard potatoes with capers, shallots and sage

Belgium chocolate brownie with raspberry compote and cream


 The Hunter Lunch Picnic

For 2 // $60

Selection of Cheeses with handmade fig paste

Cheese Crackers

Sourdough loaf

Creamy Hummus dip or Tzatziki dip

Mediterranean spiced Lamb koftas with lemon

Antipasto selection

Herbed couscous with sweet roasted cherry tomatoes

Luscious lemon Tarts or chocolate caramel ganache tarts


 The Deli Picnic

For 2 // $60

Chicken, tarragon and aioli baguette

Roast beef, caramelized onion, rocket and parmesan baguette

Binnorie Brie and Vintage Cheddar with handmade pear paste

Bacco Leaves

What Rozzie Made roasted olives

Raspberry and White chocolate friands or Flourless chocolate cake

San Pellegrino Sparkling water


  The Scarlett Picnic

For little people

$18 per child

NB: Only available when purchasing at least 1 other picnic for 2 adults


Ham and cheese or Vegemite sandwich

Fruit juice popper

Piece of fruit

Banana muffin or choc chip muffin

Red Rock Deli Chips

Jelly Belly beans


 Mojos Dinner Picnic

For 2 // $80

Mojos Pate with crackers

What Rozzie Made roasted olives

Roasted butternut pumpkin Soup or Spiced roasted tomato and capsicum soup

Sourdough bread

Mediterranean braised Lamb Shanks or Coque au vin or Confited Duck Legs

Dauphinnoise Potatoes

Wild rocket, asparagus, cucumber and roasted cherry tomato salad with toasted pinenuts and caramelized balsamic dressing

Pot au Chocolat with salted caramel and double cream


 Each Picnic is hand packed with food and products prepared in the Mojos kitchen and packaged using high quality environmentally sound products. 

Included in each picnic are plates, wooden cutlery, napkins and 2 wine glasses (unless otherwise stated). If no choices are specified then we will make a suitable choice.

Dishes are not interchangeable between picnics.

Dietary requirements are catered to within the chosen picnic. 

The Picnic will be ready for pickup at 12pm on the day requested.

48 hours notice is appreciated


Pickup location is:

Domaine De Binet

469 Lovedale Road

ovedale 2325


Delivery to another address is available on request. A small delivery fee may be charged. 

Groups of 20 people or more can have custom made picnics.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and for a quote.